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Welcome to 4D Employee Benefits.

Employee Benefits Solutions

4D Employee Benefits provide independent benefit consulting and retirement fund solutions.

We deliver uniquely independent employee benefits solutions to our clients. Our ability to negotiate the best possible risk & retirement solutions for our clients, ensures exceptional value for money.

Our services include:

  • Benefit consulting: Providing independent advice on scheme structuring, tax structuring, member training and compliance.
  • Group risk benefits: Developing customised death and disability benefits, by accessing the risk pools with most underwriters and Insurers. We also do product assessment on existing schemes and offer annual re-broking.
  • Asset consulting: We offer asset consulting services surpassing the requirements of PF130 with the top investment managers in South Africa via state-of-the-art Investment Platforms
  • Financial planning services for individuals, which includes financial needs analyses, estate and retirement planning.

Group Risk Services

4DEB offers customised Group Risk solutions that are appropriate and affordable. We develop personalised death, disability and dreaded disease benefits and have risk pools with most underwriters and insurers.

Our sophisticated, current systems and processes permits fast and efficient claims processing, and our feedback process allow us to act as one of the largest independent front offices for several life insurers.

We also perform initial and ongoing annual revision of your Group Life scheme.

Investment Consulting

There is a fundamental difference between fund management and asset consulting. Asset consulting refers to developing and maintaining an optimal investment strategy, tailored to each client’s specific requirements. This process entails:

  • Matching the membership profile with an appropriate investment strategy and formalising an official investment strategy document; and
  • Running annual evaluations by employing sophisticated analyses software and communicating findings such as possible retirement funding shortfalls to both management and members.

The asset consultant also assists in the asset allocation process, by mandating different fund managers on a ‘Best of Breed’ basis.

Until now only significant retirement and institutional funds were able to afford the services of asset consultants due to the complexities and systems involved. However, the continuous development of technology combined with established relationships with top Institutional Investment platforms in South Africa, enabled us to offer professional independent asset consulting services to both standalone pension funds and participating employers on umbrella funds.

The Fine Print

4D Employee Benefits (Pty)Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 26372

All content on this webpage is for informational purposes only, and can not be construed as advice. If financial advice is required please get in contact with us or an authorised Financial Service Provider.