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Medical Scheme Advisory Services

As independent healthcare consultants, 4D Healthcare Consulting have formed partnerships with various medical schemes to assist our clients with their group as well as individual medical scheme needs. We have extensive experience in the provision of healthcare consulting services that address our clients needs. As an organisation we are committed to a long-term strategic client relationship in order to deliver the high quality of advice and service that 4D Healthcare Consulting is renowned for.

Some of our medical scheme advisory services:

  • Medical Scheme advice
  • Medical Scheme assistance and administration
  • Annual market and Medical Scheme review
  • Industry and legislative updates

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Primary Healthcare Services

Primary Healthcare products were developed with the specific purpose of providing medical care, predominantly for day-to-day treatment, for members of the population who cannot afford to belong to a medical scheme.

Taking care of the health of employees by providing them with options of cover reduces absenteeism and ensures that potentially threatening diseases can be identified and treated, which creates peace of mind for the employer and employee. 4D Healthcare Consulting have formed partnerships with various primary healthcare providers to ensure that we provide our clients with the best advice and tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

GAP Cover

Most people have a Medical Scheme to give you peace of mind that if you need medical care for any reason, your bills will be taken care of. Sometimes, however, approved hospital admissions can be costlier than the rate of cover provided by your chosen Medical Scheme option – which is why you need gap cover to ensure that you don’t receive a huge hospital bill if there’s a shortfall between what the doctors charge and what your Medical Scheme will pay for in-hospital procedures.

4D Healthcare Consulting have formed partnerships with a GAP Cover provider to ensure that we provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Wellness Services

In today’s fast paced, highly stressed corporate environment 4D Healthcare Consulting believes that one of the most important responsibilities of an efficient employer is an established and well-maintained wellness department.

As your Medical Scheme consultants, 4D Healthcare Consulting would like to enhance your corporate wellness experience by assisting with a comprehensive wellness solution.

4D Healthcare Consulting plays an active role in the wellness programs of various employer groups. As part of their annual benefits most Medical Schemes offer basic screening tests, in addition to these basic screening tests, 4D Healthcare Consulting has agreements with various service providers to offer supplementary wellness services to our client base.

Actuarial Services

4D Healthcare Consulting has direct access to an independent actuarial firm. We have a long and successful working relationship with this service provider and make use of them when actuarial services are required.

The most common service required annually by clients is the Post-retirement Medical Scheme Liability (PRMSL) valuation and report, where employers are obliged to subsidise Medical Scheme contributions post retirement. This valuation assists the Financial Department of the client to determine the contingent liability that the employer faces in terms of IAS 37 of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

We have several clients that currently utilise this service.