We manage your payroll, so you can manage your business.

Welcome to Dumont.

Payroll Solutions

In the ever-evolving, competitive business environment, enterprises can no longer afford to regard payroll as the mere payment of an amount into an employee’s bank account. At Dumont, we aim to understand your business and its needs – taking pride in our accuracy, reliability and great deal of control over both internal and external resources to comprehensively manage the payroll process efficiently.

We offer an array of services flexibly tailored and packaged to suit your requirements:

Monthly processing of:
  • New employees and resignations
  • Employee salaries, i.e. bonuses, overtime, increments, petrol and expense claims, commissions, maternity leave, etc. on VIP Payroll
  • Statutory deductions (PAYE, UIF, SDL)
  • Other company-specific deductions, i.e. medical aid, pension/provident fund, retirement annuities, garnishees, loans, etc.
  • Administration of tax benefits applicable to Medical Aids and retirement Annuities.
  • Employee leave.
  • Payroll reporting and payslip administration.
  • Statutory deduction reconciliations.
  • Submissions and payment of EMP201 (PAYE, UIF, SDL) via SARS E-filing.
  • UIF electronic submission to the Department of Labour.
  • UI-19 certificates in respect of maternity leave and resignations.
  • Electronic payment of employee’s salaries.
  • Electronic third party payments to medical aids, pension funds, garnishees, etc.
  • Electronic Income Tax registration for unregistered employees via SARS E-filing.
  • General Ledger export and audit assistance with regards to payroll enquiries.
Periodic processing of:
  • EMP501 (PAYE, UIF, SDL) reconciliations and electronic submissions via e@syfile.
 Annual processing of:
  • EMP501 (PAYE, UIF, SDL) reconciliations and electronic submissions of year-end IRP5’s via e@syfile
  • Employee IRP5’s
  • Back up of VIP Payroll System for the tax year.
  • Return of Earnings to the Compensation Commissioner.